Rudolph Canzater

Rudolph CanzaterRudolph Canzater was born on May 13, 1939 to James and Nellie Canzater. His early education was obtained from the Columbia Public School System. He graduated from CA Johnson High School and attended South Carolina State College. He later completed his studies at Allen University where he made many notable contributions to the Alumni and Public Relations Programs. Upon completing his tour with the United States Air Force, he went to work for the Columbia Urban League as a part-time community organizer. During his twelve-year service with the Urban League, he worked as Director of the Project Assist Action Program and Field Representative of the On the Job Training Program. While serving dual roles as Director of the Manpower Development Sector of the League and as Leap Director, he was honored for his unsurpassed service by the United States Department of Labor in placing applicants on apprenticeship jobs. In addition, he held the position of Investigator and EEOC Counselor with the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission.

Rudolph Canzater held memberships to various organizations and received countless awards such as The Columbia Service Urban League Award for dedicated service and loyalty to the citizens of Columbia. He served as Vice President of the LEAP Program and National Urban League just to mention a few.

Because of his loyalty to community and affection for people, he served twenty-one years as coach for the Greenview Eagles Football Team Midget Division and served on various boards at the Zion Baptist Church where he had been a member for many years.

Rudolph Canzater favorite pastime was golfing, and because of his passion for the game, it would later be the inspiration for The Rudolph Canzater Golf Tournament.