About The Classic

ClassicThe Rudolph Canzater Memorial Golf Classic was inaugurated over 25 years ago as the PIC (Palmetto Issues Conference) Classic. PIC was an effort started by the volunteers of Jim Clyburn's 1978 campaign for South Carolina's Secretary of State to remain engaged in South Carolina's political activities. "Candy", as Rudolph Canzater was affectionately called, was one of those volunteers and an original PIC participant. His efforts helped lay the groundwork for Jim Clyburn's eventual election to Congress.

In 1988, a ruptured aorta took Rudolph Canzater from us at the tender age of 49. The tournament was renamed and played in his memory the following year, as it has every year since.

Each year, hundreds of elected officials, business and community leaders from around the country gather on the shores of South Carolina's 110,000 acre Lake Marion at Santee to participate in the annual Rudolph Canzater Memorial Golf Classic.

As in years past, proceeds from the Classic will fund need-based scholarships for high school graduates and college students who live in South Carolina's 6th Congressional District, and the endowment that Jim Clyburn has established at South Carolina State University (SCSU). Over the history of this Tournament, we have funded over 500 scholarships and contributed over $500,000 to the James E. Clyburn Endowment at SCSU.