This is a Two-Day, Two-Person Team competition. No team playing alone will be eligible for the competition. If you are the only team in your group, please notify tournament officials immediately.

Saturday’s format is Better Ball. Scores are kept Individually (Gross and Net) and by Team (Net only). Sunday’s flights are set from Saturday’s Net Team score.

Sunday’s format is Captain’s Choice. Each team member plays each shot from whichever lie the Captain determines to be the team’s best shot. Only team scores (Gross and Net) are recorded.

If you register as an individual and do not have a playing partner, please inform the tournament officials.


Saturday’s handicaps 60% of each player’s awarded handicap, rounded up. Maximum handicap is 30 x .60 or 18. Example: If a player’s awarded handicap is 12 his/her handicap will be 60% of 12 or 7.2 rounded up to 8.

Sunday’s handicap Will be the total of both team members divided by two. Example: On Saturday, Player #1’s handicap was 9 and Player #2’s handicap was 18. The team handicap will be 27 divided by 2 or 13.5 rounded up to 14. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust handicaps.


All scorecards must be completely filled out, signed and attested to by a player from the other team. Incomplete or illegible scorecards may result in disqualification.

Scorecards must be turned in at the golf course clubhouse immediately upon conclusion of your 18 holes of tournament play. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


Men will play from the white tees. Ladies will play from the red tees. Juniors (16 and under) and Seniors (65 and over) may play from the Senior tees.

Each player must pick up his/her ball after recording a triple bogey on any hole. The maximum scores are six on par threes, eight on par fours, and ten on par fives. The triple bogey should be the score recorded. 

Improving A Lie 

A player may improve his or her fairway lie within one club length, but no closer to the hole. If your lie is in the rough, a sand trap, a bunker or other hazard, the lie’s improvement cannot remove the ball from those conditions.

On The Green: 

 No gimmes and be careful. The first ball in the cup must count. If you miss your birdie putt and your partner has not made his attempt at birdie, do not tap it in before your partner’s attempt. If you do, it will be the first ball in and must count; your partner’s remaining attempt not withstanding.


They are $10.00 each, and you must notify your opponents and present proof of purchase before using one. When the mulligan is used, the lie for which it is sub- stituted is no longer in play and cannot be reverted to. Mulligans are limited to two per person on Saturday and one per team on Sunday.